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Updated: Mar 1

The increasing number of kids and teens learning from home suggests that more families want to tap into homeschooling information. Your kid will benefit from efficient and meaningful learning with homeschooling, a warm learning environment, academic flexibility, and community involvement. As a parent, you can be your children’s primary instructor while pursuing their studies from home.

Homeschooling Certification helps you learn how to support your children’s transition from the traditional school to homeschooling. You get to become certified homeschooling professional with the advantage of monetizing your skills to other parents. ExpertRating offers online training and certification services to both companies and individuals in more than 160 countries. There are over 2 million certificate holders within this ISO-certified company.

Safety and Privacy Concerns

When taking an online course, you want to be confident that the course provider has stringent security. In addition, you want privacy measures in place to safeguard your user data. ExpertRating is committed to the requirements of keeping your personal information safe. The company also uses McAfee Secure on its online learning portal to prevent potential hacking attacks. ExpertRating ensures that your account stays protected from malicious sites, phishing attempts, and other forms of malware. Moreover, they have anti-malware carrying out daily security scans.

How Much Does It Cost to Enroll in the Course?

The Homeschool Teaching Course has a one-time fee of $129.99. You can use PayPal or all major credit cards (including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard) to pay for the Course. ExpertRating has Worldpay deployed in its back end to process credit card transactions securely. As your payment information passes through SSL technology, ExpertRating will not store it on file.

Length of ExpertRating’s Online Homeschool Teaching Course

ExpertRating’s instructor-led courses take six weeks to complete, with two lessons every week. Each lesson comes accompanied by short, multiple-choice questions and may, at times, feature a hands-on assignment. Your instructor will expect you to complete the project two weeks after the assigned date.

The Homeschool Teaching Course usually ends with an exam scheduled at a particular date. Students get two weeks to complete their studies and submit the exam for review. Your overall performance will depend on how you scored on the final exam.

How ExpertRating Ensures that Each Lesson is Up to date

ExpertRating works with reputable experts to prepare the courses, assignments, and exams as per the ISO 9001-2008 standards. The company maintains excellent track records with over 200,000 professionals from more than 60 countries proficient in 200 expertise areas. Lessons usually have a particular release date (at noon EST) and are available to students for two weeks. The two-week timeframe gives all students ample time to go through the notes and increase their knowledge base.

Registering for the Course

Start by logging on to ExpertRating’s Online Instructor Center and then choosing the Course you want. You can type the course name on the “Search for Courses” dialog box or find more courses from the “More” link lying below the “Featured Departments” section. With a list of different course departments provided, you can find more information about each Course. You would need to hover your computer mouse on a particular Department’s link.

Click on your preferred Course Department link, and courses (with the start dates, description, instructor’s name, and price) will appear. The “More” link will give you details about a specific course. Click on the link on your desired Course to choose a course. You will find information (including instructor’s profile, course syllabus, and requirements) on the Description page of the Course.

Clicking on the “Enroll Now” button will automatically register you to the Course of your choice. However, you must meet the given course requirements. A “Sign up for a Course” wizard will appear for you to get started. You will be prompted to choose the Start Date and provide your email address and a strong password. The final page will ask you to fill in your payment information to purchase the Course. Once you successfully make the payment, you will instantly get a receipt to confirm the transaction.

Logging in to ExpertRating’s Online Classroom

It would help if you waited until noon EST of the Course’s start date to log into the online classroom. With your email address and password at hand, visit the Online Instruction Center to so you can get started. The good thing about ExpertRating’s online classes is that you can access them at any time of the day.

The online classroom allows you to access lessons uploaded by the instructor. In addition, you get to complete assignments and take quizzes. You can pose questions to your instructor and participate in discussions from the online portal. ExpertRating’s portal will automatically send you details on how to recover your account via email if you forget your password.

The Bottom Line

With ExpertRating’s Online Homeschool Teaching Course, you will familiarize yourself with the vocabulary the homeschool community uses. You will acquire the skills required to prepare your children for homeschooling and ensure that they get the proper education. The platform also allows you to work remotely at your own pace.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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