When Mom Is The Teacher

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What to Do When Mom Is The Teacher

This site is all about homeschooling and how to start and run an effective learning environment for your child.  It has little to do with the fact that moms were forced to homeschool due to the pandemic.  However, I know it will help even in our current situation.   This site is to the moms who may have concerns such as how to get started and how much it will cost. It will answer your questions and provide tips for home school setup.

This site makes available the necessary resources and information to help you get started. In this era of advanced technology, it is possible to give your child the best educational experience possible. You will be satisfied in knowing that your child is learning based on his capabilities and at his own pace. This can only happen when mom is also a teacher. Here is an example of available materials.  Homeschooling is so essential if you want to see your child avoid the pitfalls of standardizing, one size fits all learning.

The Decision To Be Mom And Teacher

Many moms in this country teach their children and never receive a paycheck. They work in a conventional setting such as a classroom at home and get no recognition for the never-ending work. These dedicated, hardworking individuals are doing the job of teaching and guiding young minds. The goal is to lead them on a successful journey through a year of academic work.

These moms have decided to become one of the home school teachers who are quietly doing an educator’s job. They want to empower the next generation. Studies show that most homeschooled individuals rank high in college preparation exams. That proved that those who home school their children are doing a pretty good job.

If you want to homeschool your children, know that the task is not as intimidating as it seems. Also, the potential benefits to your children are great. Parents who involve themselves in homeschooling can guard their children’s fiery bright minds. There is a tendency to overlook the child’s true potential when they attend schools outside of the home. Kids are born with a natural ability to learn.

There is a simple reason why this happens. Public schools must teach many kids to get them to pass through each grade. Emphasis on discipline often minimizes the priority for high-quality academics. The focus is on making sure every child can get through.

 Customized Curriculum When Mom Is  Teacher

That is why a home school environment is perfect for a bright mind child. Parents can tailor and customize the curriculum to fit their child’s learning style. A customized curriculum will enable the child to advance as fast as they can go. You do not have to put a big emphasis on being in their seat when the bell rings. No longer will you be concerned with them being in school uniform down to their socks.

There are no bells in home school, and they can come to school in their play clothes if they want. This is only true when mom is also a teacher. The emphasis placed in a home school environment is that the children learn. It is then that you can rejoice because you reached your goal.

Cost of Materials

Some people believe that homeschooling will become too expensive. However, you can virtually set up a perfect yearlong curriculum at a minimal cost. You can log into the public school system to find the curriculum for your child’s grade. It is also an opportunity to learn what it takes for your child to finish that grade.

In many cases, local private and public schools offer free homeschooling programs. You can get started knowing your child will follow a similar educational path that is going on in those schools. This will benefit you and the school if you send your child back to public school in the future. Your child will be in on target with the curriculum being taught.

Moms can often obtain materials for very little or no expense as well. Usually, a textbook used for a subject is eliminated and replaced with a new edition. When that happens, you may get copies of the previous edition, which is now out-of-date to the public schools. These books can be purchased for minimal cost and often for free. The textbook’s information is just as valid in the previous edition. You can conduct a full year of classes using that textbook and not face any investment cost at all.


If you become a home schoolteacher, do not underestimate the flexibility you will have as you structure your learning environment. If possible, you can have a room that is set aside as the “classroom.” This room would be nice because you and your child know that you are going into the room to learn. You and your child will go into the room to accomplish a goal. That goal is to complete one step along the way to finishing the curriculum. Children get excited knowing that class is over when the goal is met, not when the bell rings. This encourages productivity and focus.

You can take advantage of many public facilities, such as computers at the public library. Above all, public schools, churches, and other institutions offer programs to help home school teachers be successful. The act once frowned on is now becoming the norm. You can set up a plan to help your child succeed as a student in this homeschooling educational environment.

This task will, indeed, be an adventure for you. You will feel appreciated when your child realizes my mom is still my mom, but she is an excellent teacher. Have you have made up your mind to embark on this journey? Do you need to give it a little more thought? Take your time in making your decision. Be assured that homeschooling will allow your child to grow and learn without pressure. This can only be true when mom is also a teacher.

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Pat Bracy

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