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Updated: Mar 1

What Is Virtual Learning Schools?

Virtual learning schools are more popularly known as online schools. Similarly, they are schools conducted at home which uses the internet. Simply put, students will log on to a computer or laptop and take online classes.  As a result,  according to some experts, Virtual schooling, is an excellent alternative to homeschooling. 

Students have access to certified teachers, learning materials, and a professionally developed online school curriculum. With the traditional homeschooling, students usually are left to study by themselves. With the set-up for online classes today, virtual school students can meet with their teachers at an appointed time. Therefore, this meeting takes place in a safe learning environment for instruction, guidance, and whatever they need.

Who Should To Enroll in Virtual Learning Schools?

Online schooling – The Excellent Fit or Not?

Online schooling is actually excellent for many families.  See the list below.

  1. Many have previously home schooled students.

  2. Some parents and students prefer working in more flexible scheduling that a virtual school offers.

  3. It is good for students who have had difficulty in the traditional face-to-face school education setting.

  4. It meets the need of students who prefer a more personalized education.

  5. Military families like the idea because they are continually relocating.

  6. Online schooling is good for the advanced learners.

  7. Students who are looking for more challenging courses may find online schooling beneficial as they prepare to go to college.

  8. Students who are struggling to overcome learning disabilities or health issues may do well in online schooling.

  9. Online schooling, a good fit, for career-focused students.

Why Should You Choose Virtual Learning Schooling?

Some parents are hesitant to put their kids into virtual school because they are unfamiliar with the idea of online classes. However, once the children are enrolled, they find out how well this set-up can positively affect them.

The online structure is set-up so that students can successfully thrive in ways that may be hard to achieve in a traditional face-to-face system.

Here are just some of the benefits of online schooling.

  1. It can provide opportunities for struggling students to excel.

  2. Online school has fewer distractions.

  3. More exposure to one-on-one interaction with teachers.

  4. Additional growth opportunities.

  5. The increased use of integrated technology allows for better preparation for the future.

Virtual Learning Schooling vs Homeschooling

While Both Happen at Home, They Have Differences.

The online learning set-up presents an environment that provides more resources for learning.

Online schooling allows flexibility without sacrificing the benefits of professional expertise and accountability.

A student-athlete or artist may be able to study anytime and anywhere with online schooling because the schedule is flexible.

Socially awkward kids are allowed to thrive in the online schooling set-up.  In other words, they do not have to endure face-to-face interaction between students and teachers. Students can work at their own pace especially in a virtual learning school from home.

Each student can work on classroom assignments independently. This means they are not dependent on others. Working independently is especially helpful if you have children with learning disabilities.  In addition, the virtual online schools’ have a custom curriculum that can help these children tremendously.

Should You Put Your Child In A Virtual School?

One of the most important benefits of online classes is a convenience for both you and your child.  Some parents will choose online schooling for their kids because they realize they have more control over their kids’ learning.

Online schooling is tailored and designed  to fit the individual academic needs of all students. In addition, students  will have an customized educational plan based on the student assessments at the start of classes.

Consider your options and above all, think about what is best for you and your children.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. For more information, visit  Home School Trends.

Thank you for reading.

Pat Bracy

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