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Updated: Mar 1

 Homeschooling Laws:  Why Are They Important?

Homeschooling, regulated at the state level, have laws that vary significantly from state to state. If you are starting homeschooling to keep your children safe, COVID 19 and properly educated, then, know the laws.  There are specifics laws for homeschooling  in your state.  It would be beneficial for you to find out about all the requirements.

Home School Laws You Should Know

The list below was accurate during the time of this writing.  It is important that you check the homeschooling law of your state.  You will obtain accurate information to thoroughly know what is required of you.


For starters, some states require no contact with officials, while others require you to  file an official notice of intent. This form must be submitted before you begin homeschooling and every year after.

Mandatory Attendance

Many states require children of certain ages to be in some school system, including public school, private school, or homeschooling. The minimum age ranges from 5 to 7, and the maximum is generally from 16 to 18.

Private School Law Vs. Home School Statutes

In some states, home schools are considered private, and therefore, homeschooling must take place under that state’s Private School laws. There are also home school statutes that indicate in detail the process for conducting homeschooling.

The Umbrella System

In some states, parents may also provide homeschooling education when under the supervision of a private school. This system is called an umbrella homeschooling. These schools generally require enrollment and the submission of attendance records. This option makes it easier for parents to set up and organize enrichment and socialization activities.

Parent Qualifications

Some states require that home school parents meet specific educational qualifications such as a high school diploma or equivalent. However, many do not have such requirements.

Curriculum and Instruction Hour Requirements

Check if your state requires that you teach certain subjects or create a curriculum like the ones that the public schools provide.

Some states require parents to meet a certain amount of time for instruction. Note that there are states that will require both or none of the two laws for homeschooling.

State Assessments Requirements


Many states perform assessments at different levels and varying degrees. They conduct these assessments to make sure that the students are making academic progress. There are, however, options that enable parents to bypass requirements, such as in the case of religious exemption. Some parents also avoid these requirements by filing as a private school. Around one-half of the states in the US have no assessment requirements at all.

These assessments come in the form of standardized tests. A certified teacher may also conduct a portfolio review. A home school student portfolio refers to a collection of his work.  It showcases his capabilities, which could come in the form of essays, math tests, and science lab notes.


In some states require home school parents to keep various records.  These include attendance records, immunization records, student portfolios, evaluations from certified teachers, and test results permanently. However, many states do not have such requirements. Nonetheless, states do recommend that parents maintain academic records for each child and submit paperwork to the state department.

The legalities of homeschooling may seem confusing. If you need more help, there are home school groups in your state that can guide you. However, do not forget to read the actual state code itself, so your information is up-to-date and accurate.

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