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What are Home School Support Groups and How They Can Help?

Home school support groups can help parents who are homeschooling their kids for the first time.  In addition, these groups can help you find resources that you can use.  They also will help you understand the local home school laws and provide needed support.

Note that there is a difference between a support group and a co-op.  A home school co-op is a group of parents cooperatively working to provide education for their children.   As a result, you will find students learning together in small groups and parents taking turns teaching.

What Is A  Support Group

As the name implies, a support group is an organization to support you in teaching one-on-one lessons to each child.   These groups are  great places to connect and engage with other homeschoolers.  In addition, these groups give you the best opportunity to share your experiences, connect with friends, and seek advice.   Most importantly, support groups help parents and students feel connected through extracurricular activity options.  Support groups also provide emotional support from other homeschoolers.

Homeschool support groups come in different types. Once you understand the kind of groups available, you can easily find the one that fits your goals.

Benefits of Home School Support Groups

Apart from gaining access to tools and insights from other homeschool parents, there are many more benefits to joining support groups. Here are some of the most significant benefits that you can enjoy:

  1. Parents and kids can participate in joint learning sessions as students and also as educators of other kids

  2. There are plenty of opportunities for group activities that may not be school related. These activities give your kids a chance to explore things that they might become interested in.

  3. You get to know about the best resources that others are already using

  4. Opportunities to share what you have learned and your homeschooling experience

  5. Get updates regarding home school laws in your state, city, territory, and country.

  6. Your kids make lifelong friends

  7. You can get info about free or more affordable materials and resources

  8. You can find answers to your questions quickly

Types of Home School Groups

There are several types of home school groups. Each of these groups has its benefits. Listed below are the most common types of groups.

  1. In-Person Groups

  2. Home School Virtual Group

  3. Internet Support Groups

  4. Mixed or Hybrid Groups

  5. Field Trip Groups.

  6. Extra Curriculum Support Groups

  7. Special Needs Support Groups

  8. Community Support Groups

In-Person Home School Support Group

In-Person or local  groups are for homeschoolers and are organized by parents for their children as they pursue home education.  The primary purpose of local support groups is to encourage both students and parents to join homeschooling. The policies and practices for local support groups depending on the size and functions of the group. These are support groups that can include co-ops. They can also be a support group or a combination of both—which sometimes means you co-op with other parents. The main characteristic of this group is that you meet other homeschooling parents, and their children face to face.

To encourage and support homeschooling parents and students, these support groups create memorable events.  In short, the events include workshops, trips, park days, and graduation ceremonies.  To find the right local support group, look for groups near your location, or attend a park day.

Homeschool Virtual Group

This is an internet-based homeschool support group for both parents and students. In addition, homeschool virtual groups are established to assist homeschoolers with a specific curriculum, online resources, and online teaching methods. These groups are run by individuals or group admins within the homeschool families.

Homeschool Virtual groups are popular since all you need is internet connection and a device to participate in the group. The best thing about virtual homeschool groups is that you do not have to look for one near your location.

Online Support Groups

These are home school support groups that only meet online via the internet.  Moreover, these groups can meet through online forums, Facebook groups, and other portals. In addition, these groups tend to focus their discussions on subjects that are of interest to everyone.

They may talk about teaching methods, church, local culture, apps, and tools.  In addition, they may discuss home school providers, homeschooling philosophies, education providers, and other concerns. These groups may include a more comprehensive community with members from different states and even from other countries.

 Mixed or Hybrid Groups

These are support groups for homeschoolers that meet online and in person. They can be a support group, and they may include co-op groups too.  Likewise, these groups organize meetups, group lessons, field trip days, and other fun stuff your kids will enjoy.

Homeschool Play Group/ Field Trip Group

For homeschooling families, joining a homeschool playgroup is essential to make learning fun and enjoyable. With homeschooling, it can be quite challenging as a parent to gatherings for kids attending homeschool. Joining a homeschool playgroup allows both students and parents to meet regularly at a specific place for learning.

Moreover, a homeschool field group will plan and schedule trips to different locations. This provides homeschoolers with unique learning opportunities, socializing opportunities, and social networking. When choosing a homeschool playgroup, ensure you find one that is near your location for your convenience.

Homeschool Extracurricular Support Group

Homeschool extracurricular support groups are for both parents and students. These groups are run by different associations that focus on providing homeschoolers and parents with extracurricular activities.  Further, these support groups focus on recreation activities, exploration, and sporting activities.

The main aim of homeschool extracurricular support groups is to give students socialization opportunities.  On the other hand, parents and students get ideas from other homeschoolers, and discover talents and expertise.

Homeschool Special Needs Support Group

Special needs support group aims at caring for homeschooling students with special needs. However, to join the special needs support group, you need to search for the available ones in your area.  In addition, you can communicate with the parents of students with special needs, inviting them to join the group.

The special needs support group provides both parents and students with unique learning materials and resources. The benefit of joining this group for both parents and students is that you get emotional support from other homeschoolers. Most special homeschool needs support groups are privately funded to ensure that they reach every student with special needs.

Homeschool Community Support Group

This type of homeschool support group consists of homeschooling families that come together to create a community. They have almost the same structure as a traditional school, though it encourages more parental involvement than the regular schools. The homeschool community support group schedule meetings at least once a week and do some school work.

Parents provide the students with some work, and they complete the work under their parents’ supervision. This helps both parents and students to learn from one another. It also encourages discussions and teamwork among the students. Students get exposed to different ideas, resources, academic advice from other homeschoolers, and socialization opportunities.

Home school support groups are great resources for first-time homeschool parents. Remember that you are in it for your kids, but you do not have to do it all by yourself. To find a homeschool support group in your location, you will need to search in the local homeschool database. Make sure you click on your state to find the support groups near you. Moreover, with the above list, ensure you select the support that meets your needs either as a parent or student.

List of National Organizations

Here is a list of national organizations that you might want to look into:

  1. National Home Education Research Institute

  2. Grandparents of Homeschoolers

  3. National Black Home Educators

  4. Schola Rosa: Co-op & Home Curriculum

  5. SPED Homeschool

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