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Home School Free Resources from the Government

Are you looking for home school free resources that you can use in your homeschool setting?   In other works, are you looking for material you can use to teach your children without overspending?  Here is some good news.  There are plenty of resources for homeschooling parents provided by the government.  That is to say, these resources can be used for teaching kids of any age.

In addition, these government resources cover many subjects.  Moreover, you will find a large variety of topics that your children may find interested.   They include the following:

  1. Fine arts

  2. Disaster prevention and safety

  3. History

  4. American government

  5. Economics

  6. General science

  7. Astronomy

  8. Earth science

  9. Biology

  10. Food safety

  11. Health

  12. And many more

You will see below a shortlist of these resources for some of the most popular subjects among children today. In addition, you are provided with the link to access the information.

Home School Free Resources for Arts

  1. National Gallery of Art (NGA)–this resource comes with games and tools for creating art, lesson plans, teacher packets, and useful images.

  2. National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)– this one has resources for music, songwriting, and musical theater. Note that the NEA designed this resource specifically for high school students.

  3. John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – content here may be used by kids of any grade level.  The center mainly includes instructional live streaming content.   In addition, they also have performances scheduled from time to time.

Free Resources for Disaster Preparation

  1. Railroad Safety– this tool is provided by the Federal Railroad Administration.   However, it contains downloadable content to teach kids how to stay safe around railroad tracks and other related facilities.

  2. FEMA Disaster Prep/Safety – resources include safety fact sheetschild safety activities and games, and an emergency preparedness curriculum that parents can use to teach kids personal safety and instruct children about disaster preparation.

Home School Free Resources for Astronomy 

Most of these resources are provided for free by NASA. Certainly, some of these many resources might be of interest to your children:

  1. StarChild – astronomy topics designed for children.

  2. NASA Kids’ Club – includes interactive information, maps, and activities.

  3. NASA Next – the digital magazine that gives you updates regarding the latest information on astronomy.

  4. Back to school resources – includes downloadable pictures and other useful resources that you can use when teaching astronomy to your children.

Home School Free Resources for Earth and General Sciences

Are your kids fascinated and have an interest in geography?   In other words, are they curious about the world and traveling to different places around the world?  If that is the case, they will enjoy the resources here:

  1. Science Explorer – This resource is a great tool with lots of information for teaching and learning about ecosystems and biology.

  2. Interactive Maps – This features lots of tools for teaching geography to your kids with plenty of interactive components.

  3. USGS Multimedia Library includes written publications, podcasts, videos, photos, and child-friendly videos that you can use to teach geography.

  4. Science 360 – contains news updates on many science subjects. In addition, it keeps you up to date on the latest technology and science current events.  Moreover, your children will benefit as they will have great learning opportunities.

  5. National Science Foundation Multimedia Gallery  – This resource includes audio lessons, videos, and pictures that cover pretty much every science topic available.  Therefore, your children will be able to choose topics base on their interest.

Free Resources for History

  1. Historypin – This is a resource provided by the National Archives. It includes interactive recreations of historical events.

  2. DocsTeach – This is an interactive program that includes documents created by teachers for home school parents.  As a result, it comes with activities that your children can do as well.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of other available home school free resources provided by the government.  For example, there are some health-centeredfood safety, and even landscaping  resources.  As a result, homeschooling does not have to be expensive or even break your budget. In short, there are plenty of curriculum resources that you can use for free.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. 

For additional information, visit:  Home School Trends.

Thank you.

Pat Bracy

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