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Updated: Mar 1

How to Home School for Junior High 

Home-schooling has been gaining in popularity in recent years, particularly for preparatory and elementary schools. With the emergence of the COVID-19 threat, most parents consider the idea to home school, even their teens. As a parent, you favor home school for junior high primarily to keep your children safe from COVID-19, among other benefits.

Following are some things about homeschooling your children through junior high that you can keep in mind:

Your kids will be more capable of independent learning by the time they reach senior HS. Learning at home means your kids can learn difficult subjects like chemistry on their own. Giving your child the extra time needed to succeed does not mean you are cheating on your responsibility for teaching them. Their ability to learn things independently is proof that you have trained them well.

Education is a life-long process. It does not end with HS or college. You want your children to develop a good habit of processing information logically, allowing them to work through challenging problems on their own. This habit will help them navigate not only through college but for the rest of their adult life.

Be Creative

Homeschooling does not need to be a replicate of the physical experience of high school. You set up the home school environment for your kids as you see fit. While you need to follow your state’s requirements, you have the freedom as far as the following are concerned:

You can choose the courses to take and not strictly abide by your local school district’s requirements if these are part of the conditions for your home schooled kids to graduate.

You are free to decide when and how you would give your child the credits. If your kid spends time learning how to drive, you can give him credits for that. If your child plays the viola, and you want him to have three credits/year because he practices 3 hrs./day, you can give him that. Simply put, you can make your child’s activities and interests part of the junior high curriculum’s home school. Everything does not have to be academic credits.

You Are In Charge

It is your call as to how fast your child needs to complete a course. You do not have to rush your child to complete everything by semester’s end unless this works to your advantage. If your kid needs extra time to understand a problematic chapter fully, you can be flexible enough to allow him to spare time. By not being strict with time, you are not short-changing your kid. You are providing him with a better learning atmosphere.

There are more resources for homeschooling today than ever before. With the advent of the internet, many online courses and tutors have suddenly become readily accessible. It is quite easy now to find answers to difficult questions that you cannot always find in textbooks. The only thing you should do immediately is to do an online search. You can also easily find support anytime you need help.

Home school for junior high is no longer as complicated as you might have initially thought. While it may not replicate the actual high school experience as you know it, it will prepare your child for college and beyond.

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Thank you for reading.

Pat Bracy

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