Five Tips for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Updated: Mar 1

 Tips for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Starting to home school for your preschooler or toddler must be an exciting and nerve-wracking thing. On the one hand, being the one to guide your child’s learning is a beautiful journey. However, on the other hand, it may also be nerve-wracking. What if you mess up or what if you do something wrong that affects your child’s future?  Here are Five Tips for Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Since Pre-K and Kindergarten are some of the most formative years for a kid, what can you do to make sure you do things right? Here are five great tips.

Do Not Push Your Child

It can be frustrating to see your kid being behind in their education or learning things at a slower rate compared to others. It might be an issue that you have dealt with when with friends and relatives who have kids in the same age range. When your child gets compared and feels that they are lagging, it might be tempting to push your child so that they can catch up.

Pushing or cramming things to teach will only backfire. It might overwhelm or frustrate your child, which will hinder their enthusiasm to learn.

Remember that kids learn at different rates. Just because another child is way ahead in their educational level does not mean you are failing.

Children Thrive in Consistency

Younger children will benefit from consistent but flexible routines, not rigid schedules. Instead of planning breakfast at 8 am, then lessons at 9, try doing breakfast upon waking up, then the learning experiences after.

Adjusting the schedule provides a more relaxed atmosphere for you and your kids. There is also less stress because you are not worrying about starting and finishing your planned program on time.

Children look forward to doing things they have expected to happen. Once you have a routine going on, you will see your child looking forward to studying periods.

Have Lots of Playtime

Kids love to play. Use this as a teaching tool to your advantage every situation. You can use playtime for both rest and learning. Younger children learn more through play.

Use toys, books, songs, dance, and other resources along with fun activities in your teaching. Integrate your lessons with games and play. Be hands-on and play with them.

Of course, give your child time for free and unrestricted play, too. They can learn from both structured and unstructured play.

Tend to Their Needs First

Children are more eager to try new things and be more willing to participate if you first meet their needs. To ensure your child is a happy camper by the time you start with lessons, see that they have been fed, washed, and dressed beforehand.

Make sure that you can tend to their needs throughout the day. You can break up lessons into [manageable chunks|15- to 20-minute intervals]. This way, your child will not get bored. You can offer snacks and drinks to keep them well-fed and hydrated.

Your Goal is to Prepare Them for School

The goal for preschool and Kindergarten is to prepare their young minds for academic learning. Do not worry or fret if your toddler can not memorize their ABCs or do basic math.

It would be best if you focused on making your kids comfortable with the idea of learning. Please encourage them to learn to use their senses. Make them use their eyes, nose, ears, and hands to explore and discover the world around them.

Guiding your little one during their precious formative years is the greatest thing for any parent. These five homeschooling tips for you pre-k and kindergarten age child will help you on your journey!

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Pat Bracy

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